let it go, be free.

Track Title: Red

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Red - Single


Taylor Swift - Red

Wow, I guess a big congratulations goes out to Bella, Chris and Jude!
Katie and Lukas too! Wishing you happiness and health little Jude xo



I really like haley’s hair early season 5

i was really a fan of the short brown hair. i miss it. i’m not so crazy about this copperyish color and cut.

I’ve always loved getting up early in the morning and watching the Florence sun rise.

Yeah, the sooner this baby comes, the better.
I’ll bet.
Nah, I’ve been up ‘n about. Drinking crap tea my Doctor suggested, going for walks. Trying to speed up the process, I guess.
That’s good. I’m not a tea girl either, but then you can’t really have the other can you? I would be doing the same.
Just a little, yeah.
What have you been doing girl? The little one hasn’t kept you in bed has he?
Not so sure about ‘soon’. Three days ago, more like.
Oh really? God, that must be frustrating! The anticipation would be killing you.